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2018 Popcorn Seminars Registration is LIVE April 13. Click the Seminar tab above to register for one

Sell $1300 and earn Adventures! 

How Adventure Points work:
Earn 60 points starting at $1300 in sales & earn 10 points for every additional $100 in sales. The more you sell, the more points you earn! Example: A Scout sells $2000 in popcorn and would earn a total of 130 points (60 for reaching $1300 and 10 for each $100 after that)
*Partial points are not awarded. Scout has to reach the next $100 increment to earn 10 points.
*Leftover points can be used for the NEW adventure drawing. 10 points per entry. Grand prize is $500 Lego Shopping Spree!
*Unused points will be forfited and are non transferrable

2017 Adventures

Valleyfair--1 admission

Big Thrill Factory--1 pass

Nickelodeon Universe--2 three hour ride wristbands

Conquer Ninja Warrior--2 open gym passes

MN United Soccer--Soccer clinic plus 2 tickets to a 2018 match

Star Wars Ep 8--2 tickets/sodas/popcorn at one of 4 AMC theaters on Dec 16 at 9am

Brickbuilders 4.0--An afternoon of Lego building!

Bakken Museum--(this replaces the Science Museum adventure, which has been cancelled) For a detailed event flyer for the Bakken event, click here

Check out all the information by downloading the Adventure info page here

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