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2021 Spring Sale runs March 26-April 30. For more information click HERE

Spring Sale FAQs

Q: What products will be offered?

A: Depends on the sale type.

Online will have a mix of traditional and new product. Check out for up to date products.

Take order will offer-White Cheddar Cheese, Blazin Hot, Sea Salt Caramel, Popping Corn, Small Caramel, 12 Pack Microwave Popcorn and Salted Peanuts.

Show and Deliver will offer—some, not all, of the take order offerings will be available for show and deliver. We are waiting to see the interest level before we order products. Right now we are leaning towards offering Microwave, White Cheddar, Sea Salt and Small caramel for Show and Deliver.

Q: If our unit wants to do Show and Deliver, will be able to return any?

A: Yes. We will allow 15% in returns for Spring show and deliver.

Q: Would sales in the spring count towards any other Council rewards in the Fall?

A: No. Sales will be kept separate. Scouts can not combine sales for rewards. Spring rewards will be completed by June 1, 2021. The only exception is early bird adventure points earned will be used after the fall sale, in conjunction with points earned during the fall sale.

Q: How do early bird Adventure Points work?

A: Scouts that sell a combined (online, take order and/or show and deliver)  $1500+ during the Spring sale will be eligible to earn “early bird” adventure points. These points can be combined with points earned in the fall for the Council’s Adventure prize program.

Q: Would commission to the units remain the same from this past Fall?  

A: Commission for all sales is 35%. Units will determine how those dollars are split up between Scout and unit.

Q: Do you for see doing a spring sale every year going forward?

A: As of now, we don’t know. With last fall being less than 50% of a normal sale, we had many units and families requesting the Council offer a fundraising opportunity in the spring for Scouts that needed to raise funds for Scouting activities.

Q: Last fall, our unit did not want to give Trails End our bank info to get a final payout, is that still the case?

A: No. There is now a way for payouts to come direct from Northern Star Council and not have to give your unit’s bank info to Trail’s End.


If you have another question not answered above, please email Bill Anderson-Horecka at






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