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2021 Spring Sale runs March 26-April 30. For more information click HERE

2021 Spring Sale Info for UNITS

The 2021 Spring Popcorn Sale can--

-Help Scouts and parents go to summer camp

-Help Scouts go on a high adventure trip

-Help a unit purchase new equipment

-And more!

The 2021 Spring Popcorn sale can be tailored for the needs of YOUR unit. Depending on your unit's needs for funds, the popcorn volunteer team can create a plan to help meet your unit's goal with by using one, two, or a combination of all three of these types of sales.

Online Direct Sales

Details: Online direct sales are just like it sounds. Scouts download the Trail's End app on any smart device, or can log in on a computer at and start selling to family and friends. Products are shipped direct to the customer and commissions are issued to the unit at the end of the sale. No handling product or money.

Take Order

Details: Take Order is the traditional way to selling popcorn. Scouts can call family and friends, go door to door, take the customers order and then deliver the product to them. Product is ordered all at once at the end of the sale. Its a great way for Scouts to learn about sales interacting with customers face to face, and practicing talking in front of adults. 

Show and Deliver

Details: Show and Deliver, or Wagon sales, is where your unit check's out product to have on hand to sell door to door, at a storefront or other location. Customers purchase more when product is available immediately, leading to higher sales. 

How to sign up

Click the link below to sign up and start receiving information and emails for the spring sale.

2021 Spring Sale

Info for Individual SCOUTS

New for 2021- Scouts can sell individually through the Trail's End app and work with their unit to have a successful sale. 

Details: If your unit is NOT doing any type of organized popcorn sale this spring, your Scout(s) can participate in the sale, as long as the guidelines below are followed.

For an individual Scout to sell they must:

1. Inform their Unit Committee Chair of their intention to sell and agree on a point of contact to work with during and after the sale. 

2. Understand and agree to the unit's fundraising guidelines, including the breakdown of commission that goes to the Scout's account and what goes to the unit. 

3. Understand that commission dollars raised will be sent to the unit treasurer direct from Northern Star Scouting in form of a check or deposit into the Unit's account at the Northern Star office. 

4. Take order must be ordered and picked up by the parent. .

5. Show and Deliver will only be available in limited amounts and by checking out product from Northern Star at various locations. 

6. Sign up at the link below to get information and update emails about the sale. 

How to sign up


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