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Mystery House Projects/ Instructions Forms 

What is it?  The Mystery House Project is to encourage Scouts to go door to door in their neighborhoods selling Popcorn. Scouts can earn a FREE Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

How does it work?

  1. Download the certificate if you don’t have it already from a training.  NOTE:  it’s a LARGE file!
  2. Print one copy out, along with the instruction letter.
  3. Write your unit Type and Number on line three as the “code” (Example: Troop 9123)
  4. Give both items to someone NOT involved in your Scouting unit.
  5. Instruct that person to give it to ANOTHER person not involved in Scouting. So the certificate is truly a mystery to your unit.


Q: Can my unit do more than 1?

A: No, we have a limited number of Pizza Coupon Codes to redeem. Remember, a Scout is trustworthy.

Q: Does every Scout who finds the mystery house get a certificate?

A: No, the first Scout who finds a Mystery House gets a certificate. If another Scout sells to that same house after that particular certificate is found, they do not win.

Q: Could another Scout find our unit’s certificate?

A: Yes. Its ok for another Scout to find a certificate with a different unit on it. The Unit info is our way of doing a “code”.

Q: Could a Scout redeem more than 1?
A: If they found multiple certificates, yes. But there should/can only be one certificate code from each unit selling.

Q: Is this mandatory for my unit?

A: No, if you do not want to hide a certificate, that is ok.

Q: What if it’s not found?

A: The instruction letter instructs the person to throw it away.

Q: How many Mystery Houses will there be?

A: There are 264 units signed up to sell this fall.

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