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This page will be dedicated to ideas submitted by Scouts for the in the previous Popcorn sale!

 "I paint a painting for each customer that have an order of $100 or more" -Maxwell, Pack 9227

"For every $100 sales or new state in his 50 State Challenge, he will get to bomb his dad with cold water balloons. -Grant, Pack 372

"I use my charm to sell door to door to my neighbors that repeatedly buy from me" -Trygg, Pack 111

For online sales is for every $100 sales or new state in his 50 State Challenge, he will get to bomb his dad with cold water balloons! -Grant Pack 372

We used a QR code generator to turn the Scout’s popcorn  webpage into a QR code that people could scan with their phones and put it on our board. This way, people could scan it from a distance with their phones and be directly taken to the website to purchase popcorn. Many people have commented on how convenient it is. We’ve seen an increase in online sales due to this approach. --Beek Household

If your parents work from home, ask to speak at their video meetings and share your storefront link. Create videos to send before you go out! - Charlie K

My brother and I made a video that our Mom shared to social media. We have already sold more than $700 in online direct! -Ryan S Pack 9457

Ask you mom and dad for family members phone numbers and use the website to send them text messages with link to your webpage so they can watch your ‘sales video’! Mason P -Pack 9056

Ask everyone I know and people I see at booths. I can't get a yes if I don't ask! - Keenan B, Pack 3916

I printed off a map of the 50 states and had my mom take a picture. I then uploaded it to her facebook and had all her friends share it. I decided to do the 50 state challenge, to try to get everyone from each state to buy popcorn. - Ryder D Pack 3511

Have a good sales pitch so everyone knows why we sell popcorn! - Blake B, Pack 3916

Don't eat the popcorn you should be selling! - Alexander C

Go to old neighborhoods where you used to live and ask all your old neighbors to buy popcorn. - Mark O, Troop 9260

One tip I have is to say that they're supporting scouts with some popcorn as an added bonus. Also I've done storefronts that have been successful because we've said: Would you like to support scouting by buying popcorn or making a donation. - Aaron V 

Always offer the Hometown Heroes option to those who do not like or want popcorn. We very often make a sale this way. -Olson Family

the “No Challenge”-Sounds funny, but here is how it works. Told my kiddos I would give them 25 cents for every person that declines a sale (“NO”).  They can cash it out with me at the end of the season for cash, savings or video game $. First day results with the “No Challenge”:  Joshua got 50 cents and sold over $350 in popcorn wagon sales in 1 ½ hrs. -- Josh M

Set up a wagon sale at area youth soccer games near my house.  Cover many customers without having to hit and walk to multiple houses through neighborhoods.  The customers come to you.  Its awesome. - Aiden W





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