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Popcorn Newsletter 10-05-23

Good evening Popcorn Chairs! 

  1. Sale is nearing the halfway point! This weekend will mark the midway point of the sale on Sunday evening. Make sure your Scouts know where they are at compared to their goal and encourage them to make a plan to reach it!
  2. Popcorn Weather report for the weekend of 10/6-10/8. At press time, we are having some issues uploading the weather video for this weekend. When we are successful, we will send out a separate link.
  3. Need Materials? Need more sales guides or laminated sheets? All three Scout Shops (Mounds View, Base Camp and Plymouth) have supplies of them. Pick them up during business hours.
  4. Popcorn reorders are live!   Need more popcorn? Check out the reorder process info sheet that was attached to your 9-21 email, or find it here.
  5. NO Sunday Shakedown 10-8-23. Due to early returns on Sunday 10-8, we will NOT be having a Sunday shakedown this Sunday. If you have questions, please contact a committee member (details on the back of the leader guide.)
  6. Have Damaged Product?  Have a damaged popcorn bag or container that was damaged out of the case? Report it at We update damaged popcorn to invoices once a week. 
  7. Early Returns  Believe it or not, the half way point of the sale is fast approaching. Early returns will
    be Sunday October 8 and Monday Oct 9. See attachment for details.
  8. What else?  If you have other questions, please let us know!

Bill A-H

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