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Popcorn Newsletter 10-19-23

Good evening Popcorn Chairs! 

  1. Sale is heading down the final stretch! Take a look at your Scouts sales vs their goals. Work with Scouts that need help — encourage them to do a neighborhood blitz, storefront or calling friends and family and asking them to help reach their goal. 
  2. Bonus Points this weekend for Amazon Cards with Storefronts! Trail’s End is having a Bonus event from Oct. 20-22 for Scouts selling at Storefronts.  See the email that Trail’s End sent out to all Scouts this past week!
  3. Popcorn Weather report for the weekend of 10/6-10/8. Ben’s weather report is up on the front page!
  4. Have extra product? Post it on Facebook, other units need it!! You can post product you have to transfer out, or product you might be in search of  If you don’t have Facebook and have cases to transfer, please email Bill, we can look for
    units that need it.
  5. Popcorn reorders still available!  We have Cases of almost everything right now. We currently have no pretzels and very little popping corn. Need to reach a goal or a stretch goal? Pick up more popcorn!  Reorders can still be made here.
  6. NO Sunday Shakedown 10-19-23. NO Sunday Shakedown this week. If you need assistance, please give one of our Popcorn Committee members a call or email. Their information is in the back of the leader guide.
  7. Returns are coming! Sunday Nov 5.  Details on Final returns will be coming out early next week. Sunday Nov. 5th will be the
    ONLY day for final returns. Please make sure you have someone for your unit available.
  8. What else?  If you have other questions, please let us know!

Bill A-H

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